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What is Seltzer?

For nearly 200 years, seltzer has been a tradition in millions of homes worldwide where fine waters are appreciated. Continuing this tradition since 1982, Seltzer Sisters has delivered our premium sparkling water to restaurants, cafes, and homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These are the benefits you can expect from our seltzer and service:

  • You'll be helping the environment. Our durable bottle is picked up from you without an extra trip, then sterilized, locally bottled, and used again, hundreds of times!

  • You'll enjoy the convenience of our highly personalized delivery service with your choice of automatic or call-in service. We can schedule reminders based on your usage to keep your supply fresh.

  • Your sparkling water will never go flat again. Our bottle top is a valve, allowing you to spritz exactly what you want while still maintaining full carbonation in the pressurized bottle until it is empty. All other bottles of seltzer immediately go flat as soon as you open them, because all the pressure escapes.

  • The extra carbonation in our seltzer will stay crisp even when mixed with your favorite juices. Your juice spritzers will always be light and lively.

  • Our highly purified bubbly makes drinking your daily recommended amount of water more fun!

All this for the same price or less than most sparkling waters found in stores!

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