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Antique Bottles from Seltzer Sisters

Please click on the thumbnails to see full-sized photos.

We will be updating the bottle selection on July 1st, 2007. Thank you for your patience!

Seltzer Sisters is proud to offer these unique and beautiful seltzer bottles. These bottles are antiques, and sometimes difficult to keep in stock; some of them are truly one-of-a-kind.

We are sorry we cannot guarantee all bottles will always be in stock. We suggest you call ahead to verify availability. We are happy to reserve bottles for you with a deposit.

These bottles are not typical of our route delivery bottles, which are standard sized. We recommend using these antique bottles for display rather than for dispensing seltzer water.

Babad's seltzer bottle
An original from the Miami, Florida seltzer water bottling company.
original file size: 26Kb

Coca-Cola's seltzer bottle
From the bottling facility that used to be located in Morgantown, West Virginia.
original file size: 24Kb

Cotton Club bottle crate
A wooden seltzer bottle crate.
original file size: 41Kb

French seltzer bottle
One of the loveliest bottles we've ever seen.
*** Sold Out ***
original file size: 17Kb

Hydrox seltzer bottle
One of the first bottles that was designed to be returned for a deposit.
original file size: 35Kb

Queen City seltzer bottle
The blue taper -- one of the most graceful and visually appealing bottles made.
original file size: 31Kb

Royal Palm seltzer bottle
Made by the Coca-Cola bottling company in Terre Haute, Indiana.
original file size: 22Kb

Schmuck Brothers seltzer bottles
A colorful quintet from Cleveland, Ohio.
original file size: 53Kb

St. Francis seltzer bottle
A simple, elegant, and functional design.
original file size: 24Kb

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