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The Seltzer Sisters Fountain Service

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The Seltzer Sisters can bring a unique flavor to your event. Our old fashioned soda fountain can be set up onsite and make over 300 flavor combos in the form of hand-made sodas and (optionally) ice cream sodas. One of our standards is the legendary New York Chocolate Egg Cream. (It has no eggs or cream, and that's part of the legend!).

We use authentic turn-of-the-century spritzer bottles of beautiful blue and green glass, of the kind previously used by famous movie stars, clubs, and hotels. Your guests will be wowed by this fascinating piece of history and certain to remember it! Best of all, our fountain beverages are all nonalcoholic! Your guests will have a safe and memorable drinking experience.

The bar comes completely self contained and staffed by personable "soda jerks" for a standard 4 hour serving period. It is beautifully decorated with a backdrop and faux bar stools in an old fashioned drug store fountain motif. Included are stylish disposable glasses, napkins, and spoons (for optional ice cream sodas).

Your price is $6.50 per person for the seltzer/soda fountain service or $8.50 per person with optional ice cream sodas.

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