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Delivery Areas for the Seltzer Sisters Family

New! Now serving Marin!

These are the routes followed by the Seltzer Sisters delivery trucks. Our routes are changing and expanding over time. If you are unsure of which route you are in, or if you have any questions concerning delivery times, feel free to call us at 800/928-3755.

Monday route
This route is driven every other month (every 8 weeks). The edges of the route roughly follow the townships in the area.

Tuesday route
There are two Tuesday routes: one serves North Peninsula - Redwood City North to South San Francisco districts. The second serves the San Francisco - Financial District, and districts East of Van Ness.

Wednesday route
The edges of this route follow the bordering highways.

Thursday route
This route is driven every Thursday, down to the Sunnyvale-San Jose area. Once a month Thursday's route also includes Santa Cruz & Marin. Every last Thursday we cover the Lafayette & Walnut Creek areas. Please call for more information on which Thursday is coming up for you.

Friday route
This route covers most of the San Francisco and South San Francisco areas, except for the smaller portion of San Francisco covered on Tuesdays (see above).

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