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Seltzer Sisters Price List

This is the current price list for the Seltzer Sisters Delivery Service to your home. Enjoy!

If you wish to have our seltzer delivered to a restaurant or coffee house, please call us for prices, terms and delivery schedules.


Cost per bottle of seltzer: $3.00, tax included. These are refillable bottles that must be returned to us.

As a new home delivery customer, we will provide you with 2 cases of 6 bottles each. If you wish to start with more than 2 cases, be sure to make that request when you place your first order.

These plastic bottles contain 50.7 oz. (1.5 liters). We will be replacing your empty bottles with each delivery. PLEASE DO NOT RECYCLE THESE BOTTLES!


There is a refundable deposit of $25.00 per case delivered to your home. For normal deliveries in which we replace empty bottles with full bottles, there is no change in your deposit. If you increase the number of bottles you are holding, e.g. for a party, your deposit will increase as well. When you reduce the number of bottles you are holding, your deposit will decrease. If you terminate the service, please arrange for us to pick up your bottles so that we can refund your deposit.


Our minimum delivery is 10 bottles or $30.00. If you exchange 10 or more bottles, you will be charged only for the bottles exchanged. If you exchange less than 10 bottles, a service charge will be added to raise the total charge to $30.00. Syrups and other products will be counted towards the $30.00 minimum charge.


Difficult deliveries: we reserve the right to assign a service charge of $5.00 for difficult deliveries, such as to upper level apartments with no elevators in the building, or to homes with no nearby parking.

Incomplete deliveries: Your empty bottles must be left out when we deliver, so that we can exchange them with the correct number of fresh bottles. If your empty bottles are not out on your delivery day, we must regretfully assign a charge of $5.00 for incomplete delivery.

Scheduling changes: Please tell us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to have delivery scheduled, if you are not already on a regular delivery schedule.


We will leave an invoice with each delivery noting the number of bottles picked up and delivered, and the total charges to your account.

Payment Options:

Credit cards: Most customers pay automatically with a credit card on file. We strongly recommend this option.

Check: If you wish to pay by check, we will leave an envelope with your invoice.

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